Yes, she's wearing contact lenses!

Glasses may be looked upon as a fashion accessory to some but if you have problems seeing clearly a set of contact lenses may be a better bet particularly if you play a lot of sport or you like to look good! Plus, there are no rims to block your view, they don't mist up or slide down your nose, you don't have to take them off and clean them every few minutes when it's raining and they don't give you sore ears like some spectacles do! Lenses today are far more easy and comfortable to use than even just a few years ago and they range from soft disposables, daily wear, bifocal or even Toric lenses which are designed to correct astigmatism. Fancy changing your appearance? Some lenses are designed to subtly change the shape of your eyes, or even change their colour!

Are they expensive? Not now. Mass production has cut the cost dramatically and Vision Direct pushed them down even further by becoming the first 'direct sell' company to break the optician's monopoly about ten years ago so they can sell the top brands, such as Bausch & Lomb Soflens 66, Johnson & Johnson 1 Day Acuvue, Freshlook Colours, Ciba Vision Focus Dailies etc for up to two thirds cheaper than you would have to pay on the High Street.

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